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Selected Greenhouse Gas Management Projects

Sonoma County Greenhouse Gas Management Action Plan: Kenwood Energy updated the County’s GHG baseline and developed an Action Plan that consisted of more than 40 separate energy management, commute, and fleet “Actions.” The Actions were evaluated based on their potential impact on the County’s emissions and their economic return. Two “Action Plan Options” were presented to the County Board of Supervisors for consideration.

Kenwood Energy continues to work with the County in the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) to recruit the contractor that will implement the selected Action Plan; we completed a PEER review of the Contractor’s project proposal to validate the energy savings over time.

Action Plan Options
Plan A Plan B
Initial Capital Cost $16,628,598 $4,075,847
Rebate $4,638,926 $158,346
Net Capital Cost $11,989,673 $3,917,501
1st Year Cost Savings $1,122,559 $767,745
Net Present Value $9,836,4806 $3,124,313
Internal Rate of Return 23% 15.7%

Sonoma County GHG


Napa County Greenhouse Gas Management Action Plan: Kenwood Energy developed the County’s GHG baseline from detailed data on facility energy use, fleet fuel use, and employee commuter driving habits. More than 60 separate GHG reduction Actions were developed and evaluated, including solar generation, cogeneration, lighting retrofits, air conditioning modifications, motor controls, comprehensive commute plans, and modifications to the fleet vehicle portfolio. A reduction target was developed considering the California Air Resources Board’s development of Local Government GHG reduction requirements related to assembly Bill 32. Four different “Action Plan” options were presented to the Board of Supervisors

Napa GHG

County Emissions — eTons — Current Use
Napa eTons GHG

Summary of Action Plan Options
Napa Summary GHG