Kenwood Energy

Energy Management Consulting Services


Kenwood Energy offers services through two general avenues: directly to energy “end users,” and through a number of California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) funded Programs.

“End Users” are defined as the end user of energy, meaning entities that pay their own utility bills and also pay for the consulting services. This group includes small local government agencies and private customers. In general, these entities are paying a minimum of a couple hundred thousand dollars in electricity per year.

Kenwood Energy is a team member on several CPUC funded programs: we provide energy audits and installation support services to school district throughout Northern California, energy audits and technical support services to the wine industry, university campus housing energy services, and greenhouse gases remediation in addition to energy efficiency support services to city governments in special “franchise” areas. Many of these efforts are funded through the “Public Goods” charge on everyone’s electric bill.

Kenwood Energy has provided energy management services to numerous customers over the last several years, including: the counties of Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and San Mateo; the cities of San Ramon, Emeryville, Berkeley, Novato, and San Mateo; school districts; universities; real estate investment trusts; hotels; wineries; energy companies; and other private customers.